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DWM Article Contributions
How Much Money Do You Need for Retirement? (Toronto Star, Vikram Barhat, March 2019)
Advisors Dish Up Details from the Gender Divide
 (Advisors.ca, March 2018)
As Market Drops, Here’s How Advisors are Communicating  (Advisors.ca, February 2018)
How to Finance Continuing Education
 (Toronto Star, Vikram Barhat, October 2017)
Choose the Goal with the Better ROI (Toronto Star, Vikram Barhat, February 2017)
Key Difference Between Actively Managed Funds and Actively ETFs 
(Globe and Mail, Vikram Barhat, February 2015)
Which Services Do Clients Value Most? (Advise.ca, by Suzanne Sharma, Deputy Editor of Advisor Group, October 2013)
Working to Pay the Sitter (Golden Girl Finance, April 2014)

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